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Talking Bird Parrot

Polly the Talking Parrot looks like your normal every day stuffed parrot. When someone moves near by, the Talking Parrot sure can talk! When his motion detector is activated he cusses at you while his wings flap. "Does Polly want a cracker?". No, "Polly wants a !@#$% cracker!". The Talking Parrot says this and several other funny phrases that will leave you and your guests totally shocked. Cussing Parrot requires 4 AA Batteries - not included. Talking Parrot is 8" tall and weighs 2 lbs.

You've got to be so careful what you say these days, but our Talking Bird Parrot isn't, and lets them rip with one sensitive and rude wisecrack after another. The Talking Bird Parrot is one dirty little bird. Polly looks innocent enough sitting on his little perch, but when the Talking Bird Parrot detects motion, he lets the expletives fly! In a fun parrot voice, Talking Bird Parrot insults anyone who crosses in front of him, and make you want to punt him like a football.

Stick the Talking Parrot by the front door to meet and greet; in the kitchen, living room or even in your room to keep you company.

The Talking Parrot is motion activated so every time you walk by, Polly will let fly with some rude comment. Talking Parrot comes with a perch that you can hang anywhere.


Watch his wings flap up and down while he talks!

Here are some of the Cussing Parrot sayings!
Polly wants a !@#$% cracker!
Hey you! Go !@#$% yourself!
Hey Baby! Show us yer !@#$%!
Dick head alert!
Polly wants a b-job...ooohhhh feels good!
Whos the pretty polly? Not you !@#$%
Nobody loves you...everybody hates you!
Come closer...and scratch Polly's !@#$%

The Talking Parrot will have your friends and family on the floor laughing!  You wont believe your ears when you hear Polly the Talking Parrot. With 8 funny different insults, you will be entertained all day long!  The funniest part is watching peoples faces when they hear this dirty little bird insult them!

Our Talking Parrot is the perfect prank joke gag gift. Set Polly right next to the door to greet friends, family members, and customers. Polly the Talking Parrot also works great for when you are not home. Our dirty little bird will make sure he lets anyone know hes there when he senses motion. Set Polly in front of your front door window while you are gone. Once someone sees flapping wings and hears the Cussing Parrot crude insults, nobody will dare to enter your house!

Polly the Talking Parrot is rude, insensitive, and has a "fowl" mouth!

What our customers have to say about Polly the Talking Parrot....

"Once I saw the Cussing Parrot flap his wings and start with the insults, I had to order more Polly the Insulting Parrots for Christmas gifts!" - Karen Henderson, Portland, OR

"Delivery was extremely fast. Cussing Parrot was at my door in 3 days! Everyone that comes over asks where I got the funny Talking Parrot" - Marlo Lewis, Denver, CO

"Not only a great gag gift, but works great as a security system. Yay Polly the Cussing Parrot!" - Brad Grunewald, Yuma, AZ

"My wife about fainted when the Cussing Parrot yelled "Hey baby show us your @#$%^!  Youre gonna get me in trouble Talking Parrot!" - Dennis Schnecker, Chicago, IL

"The Cussing Parrot is one of the funniest gag gifts I have ever seen. Fast shipping!" - Darrel Gibson, Boston, MA

"Thank you for this dirty lil cussing parrot bird. He was the prank gift highlight of the birthday party!" - Chris Spearman, Detroit, MI

The Cussing Parrot has to be one of the funniest and dirtiest motion activated parrots I have ever seen! All my friends love this cute Insult Parrot" - Mary Coulter, Cleveland, OH

"I own a business and my customers have increased having the Cussing Parrot sitting by the door. Great investment!" - Troy Baker, Columbus, OH

The Cussing Parrot is rude, obnoxious and politically incorrect

WARNING: The Cussing Parrot is an adult product and is not suitable for use by children. Cussing Parrot sound chip uses coarse language that may be offensive. Dont be suprised if the Cussing Parrot makes you and your friends laugh all day long. Your cat will even love the Cursing Parrot talking bird.

The Cussing Parrot gag gift comes packaged in this sealed box

 Your Talking Parrot will be shipped same day ordered

5" tall - 8 exact same sayings

Cussing Talking Parrot Keychain
Only $7.95 each


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